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Interview with Gary Arndt: Award-Winning Photographer and Top Travel Influencer

As a new travel blogger, it is nice to see others in the industry achieve success. Gary Arndt from Everything Everywhere is the perfect example of a travel blogger who's withstood the test of time. After 11 years of travelling the world, and no signs of slowing down, Gary Arndt shares what it's like to be a nomad. He's visited over 190 countries on seven continents and 350 UNESCO World Heritage sites. If you are interested in national parks, Gary has been to 75 of the 106 North American national parks. He has won many travel photography awards over the years. His most recent achievement was winning Travel Photographer of the Year awarded by the Society of American Travel Writers. Find out what he hates about travel, which destinations you should visit and more during my Interview with Gary Arndt.

What are some emerging destinations worth visiting and why?

Oman. It is Arabia but without the strictness of Saudi Arabia or the development of Dubai. It is very easy to get around and communicate.

Samoa. It is far away from everything but worth the trip. It gets few foreign tourists outside of New Zealand and other Pacific Islands.

You are a well-seasoned traveller which means you’ve probably spent your fair share of time in airports. Which is your favourite and which would you avoid at all costs?

My favourite airports are Singapore, Vancouver, and Minneapolis. All are very nice with great food and amenities.

The worst airport is Charles DeGaul in Paris. Avoid it at all costs and never ever have a connecting flight through it, especially an international connecting flight.

Are your family and friends supportive of your career choice or do you feel that you are sometimes judged for taking the path less travelled?

Everyone has been very supportive. I have a long history of doing things differently, so it wasn't really shocking to anyone. I had started other businesses in the past, so starting a travel blog wasn't that big of a deal to them.

What tips do you have for an amateur photographer like myself? I own a Sony Alpha 6300, and I would make most professional photographers cringe with how I operate the camera.

I use a Sony a6000 as one of my bodies, so I certainly wouldn't worry about it too much. Practice shooting in aperture priority mode, and really try to be conscientious about the photos you take. Don't just stick the camera in front of your face and hit the button.

You are probably asked what you love about travel all the time but what don’t you like about it? It can’t be perfect all the time so what are some things you really don’t like about travelling?

I hate flying. I really hate flying. It is a necessary evil, but I don't enjoy it. If better wifi were available, I'd choose to go from New York to London by ship. It would be a much more enjoyable experience, and you wouldn't have to deal with jet lag.

What is the most embarrassing thing that happened to you while travelling?

Once I went to the wrong airport and missed a flight. I was going from London to New York via TAP Portugal. I made sure to get a hotel near Heathrow so I'd have plenty of time in the morning, I checked out which terminal at Heathrow TAP flew out of, and when I showed up for my flight, I realized it was actually out of Gatwick. A very expensive error.

You’ve visited 350 world heritage sites around the world. Which three left you in complete awe? Which three were you less impressed with?

Best: Angkor, Nahanni National Park, Mulu National park

Worst: Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens, Sangiran Early Man, and the Stoclet House.

What is the best and worst travel advice you’ve ever received?

Best: Don't plan too much.
Worst: Buy a guidebook

I’ve sat next to some interesting people on airplanes; an ambassador and a rocket scientist, to name a couple. Who’s the most fascinating person you’ve shared a row with?

No clue. I never talk to the people next to me. I'm either sleeping, reading, eating, or working on a flight.

We always hear about travel scams and how we should be careful. Have you ever been the victim of a travel scam? If so, what happened?

Yes, but it wasn't that much money. Early in my travels, I fell for the "my meter is broken" taxi scam, and also the "come to my store" scam in Cairo. In both cases, I lost about $20.


Interview with Gary Arndt From Everything Everywhere Travel Like a Chieff Luxury Lifestyle and Travel Blog

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