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Travel Like a Chieff

Travel Like a Chieff is a reflection of us. I don’t like to sugar coat things, and if I don’t enjoy an experience, you’ll know. What you find on this award-winning top luxury lifestyle and travel blog is what we actually enjoy seeing, eating and doing. My goal is to discover the best experiences, products, services, and share them so that you too can pamper yourself. A lot of planning goes into our vacations and almost everything we do. Since being on a permanent vacation is not an option, we must carefully curate our international luxury travels.

Every place we visit, activity we do or meal we eat is carefully thought out. This is because we are not slow travellers or digital nomads, we can’t pack our bags and disappear for months at a time. Instead, we plan frequent weekend getaways and vacations that last from one to three weeks throughout the year. I also like to take advantage of my husband’s business trips. There’s nothing I enjoy more than occasionally exploring a city on my own while he works. Yes, it’s a sweet deal.

Top Luxury Lifestyle and Travel Blog

How Did Travel Like A Chieff Come To Life?

Carl, my husband, came home one day and mentioned a work opportunity in Dublin , Ireland. Before he could even finish explaining the details, I asked: “Well, when are we moving”? Not too long after, we packed our belongings in Toronto , Canada and in January 2016 we moved to Ireland. Part of the reason I was excited about the move is because of all the travel opportunities that were ahead of us. Unlike in Canada, the possibilities for weekend getaways to new countries are endless in Europe. No more jetlag, no more long flights, reasonably priced airfare and did I mention the selection of destinations!

I left my busy career behind when we moved, and I was now a really bored housewife. There are only so many Pilates classes one can take and unfortunately our English Bulldog, Gnocchi, can’t handle too many long walks. Which left me with lots of time on my hands. During the first year, I completed a diploma in Interior Design, but I always had the idea of starting a blog at the back of my mind.

In March 2017, I launched Travel Like a Chieff, and I haven’t looked back since. Travel has been a passion of mine from a very young age. I’ve had the opportunity to visit my home country through work and have explored some of the most remote areas that most don’t know about. My curiosity about the world didn’t stop there, I’ve now been to 35 countries on 4 continents and visited over 200 cities. This personal blog is my way of sharing our discoveries, likes and dislikes, and most of all the luxury lifestyle side of the destinations we visit.

What To Expect From Travel Like A Chieff

Travel Like A Chieff is a luxury lifestyle and travel blog, so you’ll find luxury travel tips, dining recommendations, five-star hotel reviews, private luxury tour recommendations and much more. Our no hassle approach to travel will guarantee that you won’t need a vacation from your vacation.

All the articles you find on this blog are based on real experiences, all our trips are self-funded and not sponsored. For this reason, you can expect an honest review of actual events that we’ve experienced firsthand. Our travel style is unique to us and others who like to experience the more refined things in life while exploring other cultures all over the world.

You’ll also see more of the luxury lifestyle piece as we make the transition back to Toronto in the fall of 2018. My Interior Design Diploma will finally be put to good use, and I look forward to sharing all the highs and lows that come with moving overseas, furnishing a new home and settling into a city that we call home.

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