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Soori Bali: Leading Hotels Of The World – Absolutely Stunning

A great hotel plays a major part in the overall enjoyment of a trip. Some people view a hotel simply as a place to sleep but that’s not the case for us. After hours of research, recommendations from our Travel Fairy Godmother and a spreadsheet with ratings from various travel sites, we chose Soori Bali. Yes, I’m a Type A traveler; going with the flow and hoping for the best is really not my thing. I mean, how terrible would it be if we flew 20 plus hours to a destination and ended up in an awful luxury hotel?! What a waste of time and money!! And if you think awful luxury hotels don’t exist, think again! Keep reading - Soori Bali: Leading Hotels Of The World – Absolutely Stunning - to find out more about our experience and get my honest review of this one of a kind hotel!

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Soori Bali Location

Soori is in the south-western coast of the beautiful Tabanan region, set between Mount Batukaru and lush rice terraces with access to stunning black-sand beaches. The drive from the airport is rather long, about 1.5 hours. Turns out there’s a ton of traffic in paradise. If you aren’t too jet-lagged to stay awake on route, you’ll get a first glimpse of the Balinese capital, Denpasar. It is crowded, hectic and a little overwhelming at times but it is also charming and culturally rich.

As you get closer to the resort the energy starts to change, you begin to sense the tranquility that most seek when visiting Bali. Upon entering the hotel property there is a court where security greets guests and then you make your way through a long driveway which leads to the lobby. At this point there are still no signs of the ocean and you can’t yet fully grasp the beauty of the resort.

Driveway Leading To Hotel Soori Bali Leading Hotels Of The World Luxury
Driveway Leading To Hotel

It’s All About First Impressions

We pulled up to the main entrance where we were greeted by the hotel staff and escorted to the first court. We turned left, went up a few steps and that’s the moment when we understood just how beautiful this resort was going to be. The convergence between nature and the perfectly thought out design elements made for an amazing first impression.

“People come for refuge and for re-balancing, for contemplation, so to achieve that, architecture has to be balanced, it has to be quiet and it has to exude a feeling of peace and calmness.” – Soo K. Chan

We were served a welcome drink along with wet towels while we completed our check-in. We were then escorted to our room shortly after.

Soori Bali Hotel Entrance Luxury Resort
Soori Bali Hotel Entrance
The First Court Soori Bali Luxury Hotel Indonesia
The First Court
Reception Desk And Check In Area Soori Bali Luxury Hotel
Reception Desk And Check In Area
View Of The Indian Ocean From Soori Bali Luxury Hotel
The View That Is So Worth The Wait!

Soori Bali Ocean Pool Villa

Our expectations were high following our initial glimpse of the resort. As we made our way to suite 201 we walked past the spa, main pool and got an even better view of the ocean. Our butler opened the main entrance door that leads to suites 101 and 201. 101 is the Beach Pool Villa on the ground floor which offers less privacy than those above it. Up the stairs there is another entrance that leads to the Ocean Pool Villa. This villa offers an incredible view of the Indian Ocean with direct access to the beach and its own private infinity pool. Without even seeing the room I already knew I was going to love this place!

Main Pool At Soori Bali Luxury Hotel Resort
Main Pool At Soori Bali
Private Ocean Front Pavilions Soori Bali
Private Ocean Front Pavilions
Soori Bali Ocean Pool Villa Luxury Hotel
Soori Bali Ocean Pool Villa

Private Pavilion With Butler Service

The 2,960 sq. ft. room is made up of a living room, bedroom and very large bathroom which leads to an outdoor shower. The bed is adorned with luxurious linens and every detail has been carefully selected to ensure guests have the best experience. Open the sliding doors in the living room and enjoy an indoor-outdoor space with a view of the infinity pool with the ocean in the background. Other features include a gourmet maxi bar, Nespresso and tea, complimentary WIFI, 24-hour room, service and 49-inch LCD with Apple TV upon request.

I know this next bit is going to sound ridiculous, but I am going to share it anyway because I believe in full disclosure. The only thing that drove us both nuts during our stay were the birds tweeting their little hearts out throughout the night. Apparently, they don’t sleep in Bali and they like to socialize, while perched on your roof, non-stop all night long! Look, I’m all about nature but my sleep is sacred. Luckily, I packed my ear plugs and I recommend you bring a pair if you value your sleep as much as I do.

Ocean Pool Villa Soori Bali Indonesia
Ocean Pool Villa
Soori Bali Living Room Leading To Infinity Pool
Living Room Leading To Infinity Pool
Open Concept Room With King Size Bed Soori Bali
Open Concept Room With King Size Bed
Outdoor Shower Soori Bali Luxury Hotel Indonesia
Outdoor Shower
Huge Bathtub With View Of The Ocean Soori Bali Luxury Resort
Huge Bathtub With View Of The Ocean
Spacious Double Vanity Bathroom Soori Bali
Spacious Double Vanity Bathroom

Soori Bali Dining Options

Breakfast in bed while on vacation is always nice but breakfast on your own private deck overlooking the ocean is even better! Wake up, place your order and shortly after, walk out of your villa onto your private outdoor pavilion to enjoy a delicious breakfast while you listen to the waves crash in the background.

Breakfast On Private Deck Soori Bali Indonesia Luxury Hotel
Breakfast On Private Deck

There are three dining options at Soori Bali: Cotta, Ombak and The Reading Room. Cotta offers a variety of options throughout the day starting with breakfast then followed by Asian inspired dishes for lunch and Indonesian cuisine with a Balinese focus for dinner. The food at Cotta wasn’t spectacular, we tried several different dishes during our stay and their standout item was the chips. Ombak is Soori Bali’s signature restaurant which features Western cuisine, this was my favorite out of the three. Make your way down for a cocktail right before sunset and witness the sky perform its magical evening show. The reading room is a more laid-back option where you can savor fresh made-to-order juices, organic snacks and light meals.

Cotta Restaurant Soori Bali
Cotta Restaurant Soori Bali
The Reading Room Soori Bali
The Reading Room
Prawn Salad In-Room Dining Soori Bali
Prawn Salad In-Room Dining
Chicken Skewers In-Room Dining Soori Bali
Chicken Skewers In-Room Dining
Creamy Burrata And Heirloom Tomatoes At Ombak Restaurant Soori Bali
Creamy Burrata And Heirloom Tomatoes At Ombak Restaurant
Pumpkin Tortelloni At Ombak Restaurant Soori Bali
Pumpkin Tortelloni At Ombak Restaurant

The Spa At Soori Bali

A stay at a luxury hotel and spa treatments go hand in hand. We made sure to take advantage of the fabulous facilities on several occasions throughout our stay. Our first treatments consisted of a Balinese Massage for the hubby and Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture for myself. Leave it to me to pick the least relaxing treatment on the spa menu. There is nothing more calming than having needles inserted into your face while you lie on a massage table [insert sarcasm here]. The things we do for beauty…

Facial Acupuncture Soori Bali Spa
Facial Acupuncture

Some of the other treatments we indulged in were the Four Hands Massage, Back, Neck and Scalp Care and Foot Reflexology (another painful one for me). Because the resort was not at full capacity we were able to book our treatments at the last minute based on the weather. If you are visiting during high season I would recommend booking in advance. The fact that we kept going back for more is indicative that we enjoyed the treatments. Wouldn’t you agree?

There is a certain energy and spirituality found at Soori Bali which I only recognized after we left and settled into another hotel. There was something about the property and setting that created a true sense of peace. Soori Bali has made it to my top 3 favorite hotels along with Amanzoe and Aman Tokyo. There is something to be said about a hotel that achieves true luxury while maintaining its authenticity and Soori Bali has succeeded.

Soori Bali Spa Facility Luxury Hotel
Soori Bali Spa Facility
Soori Bali Spa Check-In Indonesia Luxury Travel
Soori Bali Spa Check-In
Spa Waiting Area Soori Bali Luxury Travel
Spa Waiting Area

I think to me; luxury travel is about the authentic experience. Service should be instinctive, not pre-programmed, you should have flexibility, flexibility to have a late breakfast, to have breakfast at night, to have the spa at midnight and you should be on your time…. We want to instill that feeling of being away from structure. – Soo K. Chan

Spectacular Sunsets Every Evening At Soori Bali Luxury Hotel
Spectacular Sunsets Every Evening!

I’d love to know what makes a hotel unforgettable for you? Let me know in the comments below!

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