Three Day Juice Detox

Three Day Juice Detox: How To Not Die

What better way to end the year than with a couple’s detox? Most people are thinking about New Year’s resolutions in December. I on the other hand prefer finding ways to improve my life throughout the year instead of joining the masses in January. So, I asked my husband if he’d be up to trying a three-day juice detox. The idea came to me after I got “inspired” on Instagram and thought: why not? How difficult could it possibly be? Well my friends, its fucking torture! Find out how we coped and who turned out to be the worst detox partner E.V.E.R.

The Days Leading To The Detox

How did I convince my husband to join me, you ask? Well, everyone knows if you want Carl to do something you simply have to tell him he won’t succeed. And that’s how the challenge began. I ordered the juices online through a local company called Juice Delivery Dublin. The juices are flash frozen and delivered right to your door, it doesn’t get any easier!

We had a few good laughs the days leading up to the detox. “We better maximize our food intake before Monday!” “The last supper is tonight, we better make it worthwhile!”- Carl

It’s important to note that this is not what you are supposed to do. You should try and cut down your caffeine intake and make your food portions smaller a day or two prior to the detox. The opposite of what we did. One’s willpower is only as strong as the person’s you marry, right? Well, in my case at least.

Pre-Detox Weight!!
Pre-Detox Weight!!
Our Meals For Three Days Juice Detox
Our Meals For Three Days

Pre-Detox Negotiations

I had to agree to remain pleasant throughout the entire process. I’m notorious for getting hangry; I get quiet and impatient when I need food. For this reason, the hubby threatened to force-feed me if I got out of hand. Not only was I going to starve but I had to do it with a smile.

It’s All Rainbows And Sunshine

And so, it begins; Day 1! My morning ritual usually consists of a cup of tea and a nice hearty breakfast. But not this morning! I’d only be drinking hot water with lemon and a juice. So far so good. You get five juices per day and it is recommended to drink lots of water and decaffeinated herbal tea throughout the day. So that’s exactly what I did. Meanwhile, Carl’s colleagues were placing bets on how long he’d last. We both got through day 1. I with a forced smile and Carl complaining throughout.

Fake It ‘Til You Make It

Besides a clean kitchen and no dishes to clean there is nothing fun about drinking juice all day. Day 2 was fine until the evening, that’s when things got real. My headache and my not so supportive partner begging me to cave with him were no help! I stuck to my guns! Well…sort of. I opted for a salad with cucumbers, guacamole and no dressing. I only ate the lettuce. Carl on the other hand ate Thai food. The whole house smelled like curry… Because the smell of food is exactly what I needed to keep me going… Day 2 = man down.

You’re Only As Strong As Your Weakest Link

As the last survivor I was adamant about making it to the very end. Surprisingly, Day 3 was not so bad! I made it through the morning and afternoon without a problem. And then the husband came home. That nagging voice was back and stronger than ever. “What’s the difference if you finish tomorrow morning or tonight?” “Isn’t it 3 days already if you stopped eating exactly 72 hours ago?” “Come on! Let’s just go out for dinner!” - I caved! Off to dinner we went…

Three Day Juice Detox Lobster Dinner
Because Really!? Who Can Say No To Lobster?!
Three Day Juice Detox
Happy + Hungry = Impossible
Lost 6 lbs Juice Detox
The Only Positive Is That I Lost 6 lbs!!

What did I learn from this whole experience? That I need to wait until the hubby is out of town to successfully complete another detox. I hope you enjoyed reading: Three Day Juice Detox: How To Not Die.

Have you tried a detox? How did it go? Would love to hear all about it in the comments below!

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