Awesome Places In The World You'll Want To See - Rainbow Mountain, Peru

Awesome Places In The World You’ll Want To See!

Since launching Travel Like A Chieff I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some amazing bloggers. Some have even inspired me to visit places that weren’t on my radar! For this reason, I teamed up with a few savvy travel bloggers to share some awesome places in the world you'll want to see!

Like many others obsessed with travel, my bucket list is never ending. As soon as I cross a destination off the list I seem to add a few more! Luckily, according to the book Fantastic Voyage: Live Long Enough to Live Forever I may have a chance to see the world and maybe even visit a few planets. Who knows! One can only dream… For now here are a few favorites on planet earth.

Galapagos Islands Exotik Traveler awesome places in the world you'll want to see
Carmen Sailing The Galapagos Islands


My number 1 travel destination is the Galapagos Islands, a once in a lifetime journey and a place like no other on Earth. It is said that the islands of the Galápagos archipelago are enchanted. Some magical spell turned the flora and fauna of this place into something unique, and impossible to find anywhere else on the planet. Traveling to Galapagos is an experience you cannot regret, a contact with the purest nature and its most exotic forms. Located 972 kilometers from Ecuador, the islands were formed 5 million years ago and still, some of them are in the process of formation. Galapagos is part of the list of the World Heritage Sites, and ... have a look at the following article to read more on the only true paradise on Earth and what makes it so unique. Read More…

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Rainbow Mountain Peru Wanderlulu awesome places in the world you'll want to see
Lauren On Rainbow Mountain In Peru


Rainbow Mountain had been at the top of my bucket list for a while, so having the opportunity to see it in person this past year was a dream come true. When I first saw photos of this mystical land, I thought to myself, there’s no way it looks like that in person. I was right; it didn’t look like the photos, it was way more impressive!

I opted for the 2-day trek with Ayni Peru which included overnight camping at the base of the mountain. Not only were we the only people camping (plenty of llamas and sheep, but no other people), but we were also the first ones to arrive at the top of the mountain the following morning!

The mountain itself is stunning, with stripes of turquoise, gold, deep red, and many other colors, but trust me, that’s not the only place to look once you’ve reached the top. There are 360 views of multi-colored mountains surrounding you, and even a snow-capped mountain off in the distance. If this geological marvel wasn't already on your travel list, I sure hope it is now! Read More…

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Laos Along Came An Elephant
Marlo Taking In The Beauty Of Laos

LAOS By Along Came An Elephant

Laos blew us away when it comes down to sheer natural beauty and local cuisine. The French cultural and culinary heritage just added that extra touch of magic to this lesser visited country in south-east Asia. Laos must be the first country we ever visited that wasn’t yet overrun by hordes of tourists, and that’s also one of the reasons why we fell in love with it.

Driving the Bolaven Plateau loop in southern Laos by motorbike was the absolute highlight! Driving past Laos' most beautiful waterfalls and local villages without seeing almost any other tourists is only to be described as overwhelming. Cultural highlights are to be found in Luang Prabang, the pearl of the Mekong. Dozens of temples are spread across the town and its outskirts and form the perfect introduction to Buddhism.  

So yes, Laos really has all the assets to make you fall in love with it, and keeps you mesmerizing about it long after returning home. Read More…

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Egypt Finding Beyond Pyramids Of Giza
Darren Admiring The Pyramids Of Giza

EGYPT By Finding Beyond

Egypt is a captivating country full of fascinating history, ancient architecture, epic desert landscapes, stunning underwater corals and the friendliest locals you could meet.

Cairo is the perfect place to start an Egyptian adventure. Explore the chaotic city and the Pyramids of Giza, then follow the Nile River on Egypt's safe and convenient trains to the old cities of Luxor and Aswan. Luxor and Aswan present a wealth of giant temples, tombs of Kings and Queens, ancient Nubian villages, desserts with surreal mirages and the most gorgeous parts of the glistening Nile River where sunsets can be admired while floating on a traditional felucca.

Egypt is also fantastic for divers and snorkelers. Our choice of location is the small town of Dahab. It's only one hour away from brash Sharm but Dahab couldn't be more different - relaxed, hammock-swinging vibes are what you'll find here. The main appeal to Dahab is its position to the Red Sea with so many world-renowned diving and snorkeling sites just off its shores with some of the best coral and marine life we've come across. Read More…

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Seoul Once Upon A Journey
Heungnyemun Gate, The Entrance Into Gyeongbokgung Palace - Once Upon A Journey

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA by Once Upon A Journey

Let’s be honest here, Korea was never on our bucket list. We simply did not know anything about the country. About Japan you hear the craziest stories, about China too (in a less friendly manner), but Korea is the ‘unknown’ country in between. Nonetheless we visited and absolutely fell in love with the culture. Seoul was our favorite! We stayed there for two whole weeks and explored the amazing Hanbok village, hiked Bukhansan National Park and learnt so much about Korean food, the customs for eating and Korean culture.

Seoul has many different neighborhoods to explore, from lively hipster areas to traditional areas with beautiful palaces. You can stroll along the artificial stream in the city center, order Chimaek (chicken + beer) while watching sunset at the Banpo Bridge, drink delicious coffee in one of the many coffee shops or dress up traditionally for free entrance to palaces. The city is a good mix of old and new; there is something for everybody! Read More…

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Bali Indonesia Sayan Terrace Resort
Jaleh At The Sayan Terrace Resort

BALI, INDONESIA By Jaleh Michelle

Bali is paradise on earth - a tranquil island with spectacular beaches, luxurious villas, and endless waterfalls. You can spend your time sipping cocktails on sun-dappled beaches or heading inland to hike through lush rice paddies and serene jungles. If you're looking to get away from it all, you'll find tranquility, adventure, and everything in between in Bali. 

Every area of Bali has something different to offer. Kuta has incredible beaches and is packed with bustling beach clubs, bars, and restaurants. Ubud is a serene inland village home to yoga retreats, art workshops, and endless acres of jungle. Seminyak boasts high-end shopping and upscale dining. Lombok has magnificent waterfalls and crystal-clear water. The Gili Islands have some of the most spectacular sunsets in the world.

There’s a huge variety of activities including luxurious flower baths, traditional cooking classes, volcano hiking, dolphin spotting, plantation coffee tastings, and feeding wild monkeys! No matter your travel style, it’s impossible not to fall in love with Bali. There’s truly something there for everyone. Read More…

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I hope you enjoyed reading Awesome Places In The World You'll Want To See! Can you see why my bucket list never shrinks?! I've now added four destinations to the list out of the six mentioned since we've already been to Seoul and will be visiting Bali next month.

Which of these destinations are you most interested in visiting and why? Let me know in the comments below!

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