7 Of The Best Places In The World To Visit In June Lisbon Portugal

7 Of The Best Places In The World To Visit In June

Summer travel is right around the corner, and that means time off for most! Since mother nature has decided to skip spring this year, I figured we could fast forward to June and dive right into summer destinations. With the help of several amazing travel bloggers, I put together a list of 7 Of The Best Places In The World To Visit In June. What makes a destination perfect for travel in June? Well, for one, the weather, the cost, and events taking place during that time. There is something for everyone on this list!

7 Of The Best Places In The World To Visit In June

7 Of The Best Places In The World To Visit In June Bansko Bulgaria

June for me is the perfect time to visit Bansko, Bulgaria’s number 1 ski resort.  By now the townsfolk are recovering from the busy winter season, this is the quiet time before summer in Bansko.  Fruit and vegetables are ripening in the surrounding fields, and in the garden plots in this mountain town located in the foothills of Pirin Mountain National Park. The hiking routes through the National Park are free of snow, the mountain lakes are starting to warm a little, and the mountain biking trails are well and truly open. Check out also local horse riding, jeep and dune buggy safaris in the villages and countryside nearby.  You can seek out local hot springs, with healing waters to soothe any aches from all that exercise.

Head out for the day on a narrow gauge railway journey on the highest mountain railway pass in the Balkans and enjoy a little local life, for literally pennies.  Then head back to town, enjoy a sunset beer on the terraces around the squares. There’s no better time to enjoy the fresh produce and fish from the local mountain restaurants while enjoying the pleasant climate at 1,000 m above sea level.  There are warm days, cool nights and sometimes the most spectacular of thunderstorms in the late afternoon.  June heralds the beginning of the festival season, all held in the old town square, where you can take part while sitting outside a great local restaurant. Read More…


7 Of The Best Places In The World To Visit In June Niagara Falls United States Of America Canada

June is the best time to visit Niagara Falls! With the warm weather, you won’t mind getting wet, and you can enjoy the fireworks on select nights.  There is plenty to keep you busy that appeal to both kids and adults. It will be a trip you will always remember.

First, walk along the boardwalk and see all three waterfalls that make up Niagara Falls - the Horseshoe Falls, the American Falls, and the Bridal Veil Falls.  If you want to splurge, you can do a helicopter ride over Niagara Falls. Then, I would recommend going on a boat tour to get closer to the Falls. You can choose from either the Hornblower Niagara Falls Cruise or the Maid of the Mist, just be sure to wear your ponchos.

Next up, get even closer to the Falls on the American side at the Cave of the Winds.  You will feel tropical storm force conditions on the Hurricane Deck. Then, go to the Canadian side for the Journey Behind the Falls attraction, where you can see the backside of the Horseshoe Falls.

Further down the river, kids may enjoy the Whirlpool Aero Car which crosses the river high above some of the most intense rapids in the world.  Visit the White Water Walk to see the rapids up close.

Adults will love a day trip to Niagara-on-the-Lake.  It’s Canada’s largest wine growing region with over 100 wineries.  Be sure to try ice wine, their specialty, made from grapes that stay on the wine after it freezes.

If you plan on seeing several attractions, consider purchasing a pass to save money.  For attractions on the American side of the Falls, you can purchase the Niagara Falls USA Discovery Pass. The Canadian attractions are discounted through the Adventure Pass Classic. Read More...


7 Of The Best Places In The World To Visit In June Istanbul Turkey

Istanbul is one of my favourite cities to travel in the Balkans and a wonderful place to see in June. The weather isn’t too hot yet, and you can have fun either walking near the water or getting a tour on a boat for a gorgeous ride through the Bosphorus. There are roof decks and bars everywhere, so you can almost always find a good place to eat or drink with an amazing waterside view. Plus, the true heat of the summer hasn't started yet.

Some of my favourite things to do in the city are to take a day or two and visit the historic sites, including the Blue Mosque, the Hagia Sofia, and Topkapi Palace. A stop at the Grand Bazaar is also worth it, as you'll see one of the biggest markets in the world.

There's also so much to do in some of the outer neighbourhoods like Arnavutkoy and Ortakoy. The Ortakoy Mosque sits right on the water's edge and is one of the most beautiful houses of worship I've seen in any religion or any country.

Make time for food, as Turkish food is insanely delicious and relatively inexpensive compared to most European fare. A highlight of my last trip was learning about Turkish breakfast and trying it at a few different places. I've never seen so many plates brought out for just two people in my life!

Istanbul is one of the cities I happily return to again and again. It really can’t be missed! Read More…


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7 Of The Best Places In The World To Visit In June Zurich Switzerland

Zurich is a fun place to visit throughout the year, but I would suggest visiting Zurich in June. Why?

As you probably know, Switzerland is so expensive that it could easily break your bank - especially from July onwards it is becoming even more expensive as it is more popular to visit then.

The weather in June is lovely (most of the time), the sun shines, people are out spending time at the beautiful Lake Zurich, it is not too hot so you can go on hikes in the area (though Zurich is a city, it is surrounded by stunning nature).

And every two years in June you also have the Zurich Festival that goes on for about four weeks. You can enjoy art, music and theatre more intensely (they do play an important role in Zurich in general). If you are not much of an art fan then just enjoy the days out in nature, shop at Bahnhofstrasse, the most expensive shopping street in the world but with more affordable shops as well. Or spend time in the different districts and crop your days at Lake Zurich where you have a lot of younger people who bring their drinks and food and often listen to live performers that you can find along the lake.

June is also a great time for some day trips from Zurich - Interlaken, Lucerne or Appenzell. All these places are not full of crowds yet, and so you can easily get to these places which are close to Zurich and enjoy more gorgeous areas in Switzerland. Read More…


7 Of The Best Places In The World To Visit In June Saint Petersburg Russia

St.Petersburg is a beautiful city and a great place to visit any time of the year but to see it at its best come here in June. There are many things to do in Saint Petersburg in summer like visit royal suburbs, take a boat ride on rivers and canals, walk all night around the city and watch bridge opening at the Neva River. June is the peak of White nights, when days a long and nights are very short, by the middle June a day duration reaches 21 hours and even in 3 night hours it never gets completely dark.

This time of the year you can see hundreds of people in the city centre at nighttime, most of them come to watch the opening of drawbridges across the Neva river for cargo ships to go through the city. The Palace Bridge is the main one to watch; its opening happens every morning between 1 am, and 2 am with music and colourful lights. If you stay awake till early morning you’ll have a chance to watch both sunset and sunrise with only 3 hours difference, the sun sets and rises almost at the same spot, behind Peter and Paul’s fortress. Read More…


7 Of The Best Places In The World To Visit In June Lisbon Portugal

June is the ideal time of the year to visit Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. At this time of the year, the sun is up on most days while temperatures are still a bit cooler than in the summer months. Like Rome, Lisbon is also built on seven hills so exploring the city usually includes a fair bit of walking. But don’t worry, if you don’t feel like walking too much during your holiday, you can ride up the hills in the iconic vintage tram 28. Or take a taxi – they are surprisingly affordable.

So why Lisbon? Well, the city has got a lot going for it. From the hills, you can enjoy some supreme panoramic views. It is full of rich history, and you can admire some amazing architecture like the Torre de Belém or the Sé Cathedral. But I would be lying if I told you the reason why I love this city so much is because of its sights (which are still awesome). The main reason is the food. One of the main culinary ingredients in the city is Bacalhao (codfish) which you can enjoy in omelettes, croquettes and as a steak. And breakfast and dessert are all about Pasteis de Nata – a crunchy tart with a creamy egg custard filling. Read More…


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7 Of The Best Places In The World To Visit In June Lake Como Italy

Lake Como is set against the foothills of The Alps in Northern Italy that makes it the perfect summer escape in Europe. With the backdrop of The Alps, it provides breathtaking scenery and is dotted with small villages full of charm and character.

Cruising on the lake is without a doubt the most common thing for tourists to do when visiting the area. It is the perfect way to observe the area from a unique point of view, admiring the charming villas and towns that populate its shores.

There are plenty of options for cruising the lake with a choice of motor-ships, ferries, hydrofoils or water taxis. During the warmer months, the lake is perfect for all types of water activities, including sailing, swimming, kayaking, kite surfing, boating and water skiing.

Possibly one of the most renowned towns on Lake Como, Bellagio is known as the "pearl of the lake." I discovered it did have a certain romantic feel to it with its world-class hotels and restaurants providing the perfect place to devour the lake's famous panorama. Read More…

Which one of these destinations have you not been to yet?

June is right around the corner so make sure to start planning your getaway soon!

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7 Of The Best Places In The World To Visit In June

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