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Best July Travel Destinations In The World

There are destinations that are wonderful all year round, but then there are those that are perfect during summer time. Those living in the southern hemisphere are likely looking for sunshine destinations during the months of June, July and August. While those in the northern hemisphere get to enjoy summer weather after a long winter. Summer is around the corner and July is typically a great month to travel; most kids are done school and most companies are a little less busy. For this reason, I gathered a few travel bloggers to share their top choices for the Best July Travel Destinations In The World. Whether you are looking for a city escape or a beach vacation you’ll be sure to find some great recommendations by experienced travelers in this post.

Best July Travel Destinations In The World Nunavut Canada

Nunavut is one of the best destinations to visit in July if you want to take your adventure travel to the next level. Beautiful Nunavut is located in Arctic Canada and takes up 1/5 of the entire country! As a result, winters experience sub-zero temperatures making July the best time to visit! Weather in July will be around 32/0 and was quite pleasant when dressing appropriately. You will also get to experience the Midnight Sun which was a pretty fantastic experience!

When in Nunavut in July, you can visit with Inuit people and be taken to see wildlife such as Polar Bears and Narwhals or learn about carving and hunting. You can also walk on an ice flow which is basically a flat iceberg! Going during the month of July will afford you this opportunity as the ice flows are more accessible for visiting during this time of the year.

This is the highlight of visiting Nunavut as many places around the world discourage walking on Icebergs because they are top heavy. In Nunavut, you can even dock your boat on an ice flow and get out and have a picnic on a piece of ice floating in the Arctic Ocean! If you are tired of commercialism and are looking for something off the beaten path, consider heading to Nunavut in July! Read More…


Best July Travel Destinations In The World Quebec City Canada

Quebec City, in Canada, is a fairytale land! Here's why it is considered one of the best July travel destinations. It's perfect for summer - the weather is warm and gorgeous, you can stay outdoors and enjoy the sunshine, and, well, it's perfect! There are many festivals during summer months too, including the Quebec City Summer Festival (11 days of music!).

While there, visit the Old Quarters, and take your time to wander around (and on) the walls - it's stunning as the sun starts to set! Don't forget your Beavertail - or the Queue de Castor - which is just the perfect companion for a sunset! Have a poutine, enjoy the chocolate heaven of Erico, and have a delicious and sweet maple taffy on snow (it's actually ice during summer, but it's fun anyway)!

Enjoy an afternoon under the shades of a tree in one of the parks, wander aimlessly around the Old Quarters, don't miss the Citadel, visit the Port and the delicious Marche Vieux Port. Maybe even spend some time at the lovely Aquarium du Quebec!

Don't forget to spend some time watching the performers on every corner of the Walled City - they're mostly great and fun! If you have the time, take the very short ferry ride to visit Levin - the views of Quebec City from the ferry are the best and Levin is as pretty as Quebec City!

At night, when the streetlights light up, it’s a whole new sight - even more magical, and highly enjoyable in the summer weather! Quebec City is the perfect summer destination! Read More…

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Best July Travel Destinations In The World Cala Antoniareddu Sardinia

Sardinia is a great destination to visit during the summer months, and July is the perfect month to go. The best thing to do in Sardinia during the summer is going to the beach, but most of the time the water is still too cold to enjoy swimming in the clear waters in June; whereas August is high season in Italy and that means that the beaches are just too crowded. During July, on the other hand, days are still quite long, the water has warmed up, and though there are lots of tourists, there's not nearly as many as in August.

The island is actually quite big (it's the second largest in the Mediterranean) and it takes a long time to visit all of it. In order to enjoy it, stay for a minimum of one week and just pick a smaller area to explore it thoroughly. Other than the incredible beaches, Sardinia has incredible nature - mountains and hiking trails, though the summer months are too hot to consider hiking. However, keep in mind that some beaches can only be reached via hikes. Cities and villages are beautiful: Cagliari, the main city, is stunning; and other smaller cities such as Alghero, Bosa, Castelsardo and Calasetta truly worth visiting too. There are festivals (cultural, music and food festivals) throughout the summer months, some of them occurring in July. Read More…

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Best July Travel Destinations In The World Old Mill Bremen, Germany

Bremen is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. I do not say it because I am biased (as a local) but because it is the undeniable truth. It is also one of the best places to travel in July.

I mean seriously, whether you visit the extremely picturesque old town of Bremen, the market square, rub the feet of the Bremen Town Musicians, head to the stadium where the football team of Werder Bremen pays or where open-air concerts take place, stroll along the river Weser, relax in one of the numerous lush parks, or visit the hipster district "Viertel".

There is tons to do - but when it is a rainy grey day even Bremen is not very charming - in July it normally wears its best dress.

Many locals are on holidays, so it is not very crowded in the city center and on a sunny day Bremen wears its most beautiful dress.

Doing all above-mentioned activities is even more fun, and in July we have one of the biggest festivals (btw: totally free of charge): the Breminale.

It is an art festival (5 days) with more than 100 musicians performing along the Weser River promenade. Sit on the meadow, listen to music and just buy a drink from one of the stalls - and I am sure you will agree that July is the best time to visit this beautiful city. Read More…

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Best July Travel Destinations In The World Bruges Belgium

There is hardly a bad time of year to visit the historic city of Bruges.

The city center itself is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the town has been described by many, most famously by Ralph Fiennes’s character in the movie In Bruges, as being like something out of a fairy tale. But in this writer’s opinion, the best time of year to visit Bruges is on July 21st for Belgian National Day. This holiday commemorates the day on which King Leopold became the first Belgian monarch.

If you already thought that Bruges’s medieval buildings were charming and festive, wait until you see them decked out in red, yellow, and black Belgian flags. Even my adorable, sugary Liege waffle arrived topped with a little Belgian flag on a toothpick for me to keep as a souvenir.

The stunning Market Square was full of boisterous musical performances all afternoon. More than half of them were in Flemish, and thus incomprehensible to me, but the Belgians also celebrated with many American pop songs from the 80s. I especially enjoyed chiming in on “Total Eclipse of the Heart”. The only French song performed was “La Vie en Rose”, and the locals sang it with such an exaggerated and affected French accent that it reminded me that the French-speaking Belgians and Flemish-speaking Belgians don’t always get along. Of course, the Belgian beer flowed freely throughout all these festivities.

The real magic didn’t happen until after dark, though. That was when the Market Square was illuminated with the sight of a gorgeous fireworks display. Looking around at the shadows of the colorful lights bouncing off the medieval architecture, I couldn’t think of a better time of year to visit Bruges.


Best July Travel Destinations In The World Trieste Italy

Triest in North East Italy is often overlooked by first-time-travelers. Having lived there for 3 years I believe it is a great destination that you should include in your Itinerary if you like to visit lesser-known places of Italy. Triest is nestled in a unique mix of seaside and hills, with a rich history and multi-cultural background that offers many things to do. Being located on the seaside, on the border to Slovenia, summer is the ideal time for a trip and July is probably the best month for visiting the city. With its 6 kilometers of coastal promenade, it makes for a fabulous day walk by 25-30°C as well as a balmy evening stroll.

Leave from Barcola to reach Miramare, where you will see the white castle perched on a promontory. Take your time to visit this castle and the beautiful park surrounding the area. In the city take a stroll along the Molo Audace, with its 200 meters walkaway out to sea and visit its beautiful piazza D’Unità D’italia overlooking the sea. This is one of the largest seafront squares in Europe that offers an array of summer concerts and festivals. If you want to rest from the heat, hide in the Karst hills for a walk amidst the forests.

One of the most popular walks is the Strada Napoleonica (Napoleonic Way) offering a magnificent view of the city and the Adria Sea. Triest will also spoil you for its culinary dishes and coffee treats. If you want to indulge in food tasting, in summer you can visit and eat at the “Osmize” the local agro-tourism huts where you can taste and also buy the tasty local produce. Triest is definitely a must-see place for Italy in July!


There you have it! The Best July Travel Destinations In The World recommended by experienced travelers. I hope this list comes in handy when planning your summer holidays!

What are some of The Best July Travel Destinations you’ve been to that are not mentioned? Share in the comments below, would love to hear from you!

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