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Best Places To Travel In March

March is a great month for so many reasons, winter is almost over, and summer is right around the corner. March means Spring break for North American students, Holy week for some European countries and the end of an academic year for some Asian countries. For parents, it means a week vacation that does not involve pulling kids out of school and risk looking like irresponsible adults. I plan on being an irresponsible adult so no judgment here. If you’re asking yourself where to travel in March with kids, look no further! If you simply want to know the best places to visit in March, you are also in the right place. Keep reading to find out what travel bloggers recommend as the best places to travel in March.

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Best Places To Travel In March - Africa

Trips In March Cape Town South Africa Luxury Travel Blog Best Places To Travel In March

Nestled at the foot of Table Mountain in the southwestern corner of South Africa, Cape Town is a subtropical city full of outdoor activities, wildlife and luscious greenery.  While the city holds beauty and magic year-round, it comes into its visiting in March.

Gone are the crowds that can be experienced over the hottest time of year from December to February and in with mild days and limited rainfall to interrupt your travel plans.  The other advantage of visiting in March is the notorious south-easterly winds that can batter the city over the summer months have subsided, increasing the chance that you will get a clear day to ascend Table Mountain in the famous cable car.

It is a city for lovers of the great outdoors with many hikes, boat rides and wildlife experiences easily accessible on day trips if staying in the city.  Cooler days make it perfect for undertaking these outdoor adventures.  For beach lovers, you might find the Atlantic Ocean beaches to the west of the city to be a little nippy (even in the peak of summer!), whereas the sheltered beaches to the east in False Bay remain pleasant for many months longer.  It would still be a great time in March with fewer crowds to visit the incredibly popular Boulders Beach near Simonstown where you can swim with wild penguins.

Sticking around central Cape Town, there are many festivals held in March including the Cape Town Carnival and Cape Town International Festival. Read more about visiting Cape Town in March…  


Best Places To Travel In March - Asia

March Holidays in Tokyo Japan Luxury Travel Blog Best Places To Travel In March

Tokyo, Japan is a great destination anytime, but I think that mid to late March is the best time of the year to visit Tokyo thanks to the pleasant weather and the beautiful and celebrated cherry blossoms.  Tokyo can be cold in the winter, but by March the temperature starts to warm up, making it more enjoyable and comfortable to walk around and explore everything that the city has to offer.

Tokyo is also very picturesque at this time.  For a few weeks during spring, Tokyo gardens, parks and riverbanks are overtaken by delicate pink flowers as well as locals and tourists keen on indulging in some cherry blossom viewing (hanami). Hanami involves anything from having a leisurely walk or picnic in a park to a sake-fueled party underneath the trees. Two of the best parks in Tokyo for cherry blossom viewing are Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden and Ueno Park.

The cherry blossoms last only a few weeks, the timing is not exact and varies each year depending on the temperature, but there are forecasts to help you plan your travel dates.  Usually, the cherry trees start to bloom sometime in March and reach full bloom in late March. Read more about the best time of the year to visit Tokyo…


Best Places To Travel In March Sharjah Travel Like A Chieff Luxury Travel

One of the most underrated cities in the Middle East? Probably.

If you ask me, I will tell you to visit Sharjah. This city, which borders Dubai, is a super modern, and safe city to visit. I just visited in March, and I am happy I did.

It can get extremely hot in the United Arab Emirates between April and October - I mean, really, really hot. So anytime between November and March is good, but March is probably the best month.

While Dubai is crowded and expensive to visit in March, Sharjah is still a hidden gem, and you will not find many tourists.

You have the city almost all to yourself, and prices for accommodations are pretty good compared to Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Are you wondering if there are more reasons to visit Sharjah in March?

Well, you can do desert safari tours, which are sometimes not available in hotter months. You can shop at the Blue Souk, stroll the very modern and clean promenade and spend time at the beach. Unlike Dubai alcohol is not allowed in this Emirate/city so you can enjoy dinner with a non-alcoholic cocktail at Al Majaz Waterfront while you watch the water show. End your day with a stroll in the hippest area, for Sharjah standard, in Al Qasba.

As you can see, there are many reasons to visit this city and March is especially perfect for a long weekend to spend there. Read more about visiting Sharjah in March…

Trips In March Ha Giang Vietnam Luxury Travel Blog

It might be surprising for some people to find out that Vietnam, which is one of the countries in SE Asia has a winter. People usually associate this part of the world with sun and beaches.

Vietnam, though, does have a winter but that's mostly in the North of the country where the high mountains are. However, in March the winter is already gone, and the temperatures are still pleasant.

I wasn't planning to visit Vietnam, but when I decided to go, I was sure that I wanted to do the Ha Giang Extreme Motorbike Loop in the North of the country and escape the hot weather.

I arrived in Ho Chi Minh city, where the weather was hot. Then, I flew to Hanoi, where the weather was pleasant - it was warm, but it wasn't unbearable. After Hanoi and before heading to the North, I also visited Cat Ba Island - the weather there was perfect, warm during the day and cool in the evenings.

Vietnam is a very diverse and long country, so the weather in the North and the South might be completely different. It's up to you what you prefer and what you want to do in Vietnam, but generally, March is a great time to visit the country and explore all of it little by little. Read more about Ha Giang’s Extreme Motorbike Loop in Vietnam…

Where To Travel In March Bai Sao Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc is a beautiful tropical island just off the south coast of Vietnam, and it has the most incredible beaches I’ve ever seen. Famous Long Beach is where you’ll find most of the hotels and resorts, and this gorgeous beach is lined with restaurants and beach bars. But my favourite beach on Phu Quoc is Bai Sao. It has fine white sand and absurdly clear turquoise water.

There’s also a breathtaking cable car ride over the sea to Pineapple island -- the longest cable car ride in the world.

The best time to visit Phu Quoc is during the dry season between November and March, when temperatures are mild (but still pretty hot!) I think March is the best time to visit though, because it’s coming to the end of the high season, so crowds should be thinner and the beaches will have more of a secluded feel. When I visited in March, there were only a few other people on beautiful Bai Sao, and I had whole stretches of beach all to myself. Read more about visiting Phu Quoc, Vietnam in March…


Best Places To Travel In March - Australia

March Holidays in Australia's Blue Mountains Luxury Lifestyle & Travel Blog

In March the golden-brown leaves of Autumn (or Fall depending on what part of the world you are from) are out in force in the UNESCO World Heritage listed Greater Blue Mountains region of Australia. Accessible from Sydney, either by a less than two-hour drive or a relaxing train journey, this magical part of the world pairs gushing waterfalls with craggy outcrops and views on a clear day that stretch for miles all the way down to the Southern Highlands of New South Wales.

There are many famous sights to see! Such as joining the tourist at Echo Point to see the majestic Three Sisters at sunset or exploring some of the world’s oldest cave systems at the Jenolan Caves. But some of the most beautiful spots in this part of the world are stumbled upon on a leisurely walk through Australia’s native bushland. March is the perfect time to visit the Blue Mountains, as the warmth of the Australian summer lingers on, but without the intensity of the bushfire risk weather of January and February. The days are long and perfect for exploring, and the weather is usually reliable with clear blue skies. When I’m up there, I love visiting the quaint town of Leura for a long brunch or a coffee and taking a walk along the Leura Cascades walking track. For sunrise, bring your camera to Govetts Leap and watch the sun’s first rays hit the cliffs, turning them a beautiful rosy pink. Finally, for a breathtaking view away from the packed tourist lookouts, I love Sublime Point or Hassans Walls. Read more about visiting Blue Mountains, Australia in March… 


Best Places To Travel In March - Europe

March Holidays In Berlin Germany

I love visiting Berlin in winter, but I admit the weather can be brutal. To be honest, I love Berlin all year round, but one of my favourite months to visit is in March.

I've been visiting Berlin in March for the past five years, to attend ITB, the biggest travel fair in the world. ITB is something that I recommend to everyone, not just bloggers! It is a beautiful place to get info or inspiration for your next holiday, with exhibitors from all over the world organizing dance shows, culinary tastings and parties.

Besides ITB, Berlin in March is fantastic!  You'll see the first signs of spring, which leads to locals spending time in parks like Tempelhof during the weekends. You can also have brunch outside, and the vibe is great during this time of year.

If the weather doesn't assist, there's always plenty to do in Berlin - the place is heaven for lovers of 20th-century history, and even those who like quirky museums will be entertained. One of my fave places in town is the Computerspielemuseum Berlin, dedicated to the history video games, with lots of vintage games to play for free! Read more about visiting Berlin in March…

The Perfect March Getaway in Valletta Malta

Valletta, the capital of Malta, has many claims to fame that make it perfect to visit any time of year.

It is the capital of the only country in the world to have received the George Cross - awarded for Malta’s stoic defense in the second world war. It is also a popular film set, having appeared in World War Z, Murder on the Orient Express, Captain Philips and the TV Series Game of Thrones. It stands over the deepest natural harbour in the Mediterranean and is also the European Capital of Culture for 2018. All that from the smallest, least populated and most southerly city in Europe!

So what is it about March that makes Valletta an even more attractive destination?

Well, pack your garland, loosen up your dancing hips and get ready for the Maltese Carnival.

Prepared for in secret all year, the Maltese Carnival is one of Malta’s oldest traditions and takes place right before Ash Wednesday. The carnival dates move due to Easter, and 2019 brings one of the rare years when the carnival takes place in March rather than February.

With extravagant floats, fancy costumes and amazing nightlife, the ancient streets of Valletta become a sea of noise and colour. Witness the spectacle of gruesome masks, costume balls and dance competitions all set amongst one of the most well-preserved capital cities in Europe.

If Malta has long been on your ‘must-visit’ list, why not take advantage of the late timing of 2019’s festival coinciding with the early spring sunshine and make it a trip to remember. Read more about visiting Valletta in March…


Northern Lights In Abisko Sweden March Travel

One of the best places to witness the northern lights is in Abisko, Sweden; it’s remote enough to see the lights and easily accessible. The lights can be seen from September all the way until March. Visiting in March is my preference as the weather is starting to warm up and the days are getting longer (which means more sunlight during the day).

Seeing the northern lights is very weather dependent so to ensure you see them, it is best to stay at least three nights. The STF Mountain Station is a great place to stay during your visit. You can take a bus or train right to the front door, and the station offers hotel rooms, hostel dorms, and family accommodations. To see the lights, you can book a photo or exploration tour (which includes arctic overalls to keep you nice and warm) or walk to the backside of the hotel and look up into the sky. Doing a tour does not guarantee you’ll see the lights, but the guides can take you to an area where you’ll have the best chances of seeing them.

During the day, there is plenty more to do in Abisko! There are nearby hiking paths, common areas in the hotel including a sauna, or one-of-a-kind activities throughout Lapland. Popular activities include visiting the Sami people and their reindeer, dog sledding, taking a snowmobile tour, and even ice fishing over a frozen lake! Read more about visiting Abisko, Sweden in March…


Best Places To Travel In March - South America

Chile Torres Del Paine Best March Destination

Torres Del Paine is a Chilean National Park near the city called Puerto Natales, located close to the southern tip of South America. Torres Del Paine's seasons include winter (June - early September) spring (late September - November), summer (December - early March), and Fall (late March-early June).

Early March is the perfect time to visit the spectacular national park because of the radiant summer weather. The summer days are warm, and nights are cool with temperatures averaging a high of 60 degrees Fahrenheit (6-8 degrees Celsius), and a low of 30 degrees Fahrenheit (17-20 degrees Celsius). High winds and rainfall are risks for going in March, but Patagonia is known for crazy weather all year round. The average hours of daylight are around 13 hours a day allowing for a more extended experience of the beautiful views of Torres Del Paine. On the flip side, the days are much shorter in the winter with only 8 hours of daylight. The hostels, ranger stations, hotels, and tours are open during this time of year. Once the cold air begins to creep in for winter, planning a trip to Torres becomes a bit more difficult because most businesses close up shop.

The end of March also brings in cooler weather and the start of fall. It is the best time of year for photographers to take pictures of the fall foliage. The summer crowds die off, and you can start to feel the crisp autumn air. Fewer crowds also mean better chances of catching a glimpse of wildlife. The park finally has an aura of peace and quiet after a busy spring and summer season.

Torres Del Paine is a perfect National Park to visit in March. Whether you go the beginning or the end of March, you have a chance to experience either warm sunny days, crisp fall days, or perhaps both if you stay long enough. You will have an experience unlike any other, regardless of when you go.

Have you decided where to travel in March?

With plenty of choices spread out over five continents, I am sure you will find the perfect destination to travel in March!

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