Travel Like a Chieff Best Places to Travel in April Amsterdam

Best Places to Visit in April

Spring is in the air, the weather is warming up, and most are deciding on the best places to visit in April. Festival season is starting in many cities around the globe which makes April an excellent month for spring travel. This time of year is particularly enjoyable in Europe and other parts of the world since it isn’t too warm to take in the sights. With the help of a few travel bloggers, I’ve compiled a list of destinations that are amazing during April. So, if you are looking for the best April travel destinations, look no further.

Best Places to Visit April Barcelona Travel Like A Chieff Luxury Travel Blog Segrada Familia
Amsterdam Best Places to Visit in April Travel Like A Chieff Luxury Travel Blog
Visit Seoul South Korea Best Places to Visit in April Travel Like a Chieff

Best Places to Visit in April - Europe

Barcelona Sagrada Familia Best Places to Visit in April Travel Like a Chieff
Photo Credit: Vicki Viaja

Barcelona is an extremely popular travel destination. Especially in summer, it is usually crowded with tourists. However, there are many reasons for you to visit this Spanish gem in April instead. Sure, if you are looking for a beach-vacation only, it might not be warm enough yet for everyone, but besides that, I can highly recommend you visit Barcelona in April. Firstly, there are not that many tourists in April as during the summer months. That means that it is so much easier to get tickets at convenient times for the sights that you plan to visit. And moreover, way fewer tourists walking through the streets and parks, which makes the whole experience much more peaceful.

Fewer tourists also lead to more affordable prices. During the summer months, the accommodations in Barcelona are usually much more expensive than during low-season. Another reason why Barcelona is one of the best places to visit in April.

A great event taking place in Catalonia during April is the Sant Jordi (Sant George) Day. It’s the Catalan equivalent of Valentines’ Day. The men usually buy a rose for their loved one while the women get their man a book. Therefore, you can buy roses and books throughout the whole town. It’s the perfect way to spend some romantic time in Barcelona as a couple.

For all the sunseekers – Don’t worry. Usually, it’s already quite warm in Barcelona during April, and the sun is shining here all year long anyway. 😉


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Travel Like a Chieff Best Places to Visit in April Sevilla Spain
Photo Credit: Not About the Miles

Looking for European destinations for April? While many parts of Europe are just waking up after winter, spring is in full swing in Seville. Because of this, the capital of Andalusia in southern Spain is one of the best places to visit in April. Summer months are too hot to be outdoors in Seville, but April is still perfect to be out and about, exploring all this magnificent city has to offer.

Visit the cathedral, where you may catch citrus trees in the Patio de Los Naranjos in full bloom. Stroll the gorgeous gardens of the Royal Alcazar, where flower beds boxed by neat formal hedges are in vibrant bloom. You'll enjoy the fragrance from climbing roses, jasmine, and citrus blossoms. The gardens are large, so allow a couple of hours to enjoy them. Go for a walk or a ride in a horse carriage in the Parco de Maria Luisa, a cool green oasis in this sunshine-rich city. Pop over to enjoy a boat ride through the moat at the nearby Plaza de España, where red roses in bloom look pretty against brick, stone and tile.

Sevilla celebrates two big festivals in the spring: Semana Santa in the week leading up to Easter and the Feria de Abril (the April Fair) two weeks after Easter. Since the dates are linked to Easter, they jump around from year to year. So, if you love festivals, check to see if either event falls during the time you plan to visit. The processions of Semana Santa are spectacular. For the Feria de Abril, everyone dresses up in flamboyant outfits, and there's a lot of partying, dancing and music.

And from February to May, the cities of Andalusia host the Flamenco Viene del Sur, a well-known flamenco concert series. In Seville, you can catch a performance at the Teatro Central.

Tip: Seville is a very popular April destination, so make reservations well in advance!


Best Places to Visit in April Amsterdam Netherlands Travel Like a Chieff Travel Blog
Photo Credit: Wanderlustingk

If you love flowers or parties, you must visit Amsterdam (or Holland) in April.  April is when the Dutch tulips bloom, so you can visit the tulip fields near Amsterdam (for free) if you do things right.  There's nothing as iconic as frolicking in a field of tulips!  It's also possible to visit the beautiful Keukenhof gardens to see all kinds of tulips in a beautiful arrangement.  Similarly, the end of April is the King's birthday (April 27th).  The entirety of the Netherlands breaks out their orange clothing, sets aside their junk (to sell on the street), and enjoys street parties.

If you're travelling during this time, be prepared for crowds as well as a lot of fun. Even if you miss King's Day, Holland becomes beautifully green with many trees also going into bloom, especially in Vondelpark.  I always love cycling through this beautiful park on a beautiful day in summer or spring!  Although spring in the Netherlands is a bit rainy, it's definitely one of the best places to visit in April. It's important to reserve your tickets ahead as there are many tourists around this time of the year, so lines at various tourist attractions can be long. Read more about visiting Amsterdam in April…

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Best Places to Visit in April Asia

Chongqing, China Best Places to Visit in April
Photo Credit: Down Bubble

We think Chongqing is a perfect April destination in China. Chongqing is famed within China for being the city of the 3 H’s: that is hot food, hot weather and hot women! Chongqing enjoys warm weather almost year-round, including an early Spring starting in late March/early April when other parts of China are still getting snow! This early Spring sees days reach 27-30C daily with mild humidity and occasional freshening gentle breezes making it one of the best places to visit in April.

Of course, you may not have heard of Chongqing, China’s big little city of 8 million but with an extended population of 30 million within Chongqing province. If you visit, it will likely be for the same reason as us as the starting point of your Yangtze River and Three Gorges Dam Cruise. Early April is also the perfect time to take this cruise, you will enjoy the good weather of the high season with less of the crowds as this is the very start of the official high season (spring and autumn annually).

However, don’t just pass through Chongqing, take a couple of days to explore this city’s fantastic attractions and incredible scenery including our new favourite “Ancient Town” that we’ve yet found in China - Ciqikou with its eccentric dancing noodle vendors! Or just soak in the atmospheric views of the city skyline, day-through-night, from our favourite eating and drinking hub in Chongqing "the Hongyadong" (as pictured!) Read more about visiting Chongqing, China in April


Seoul South Korea Best Places to Travel in April Travel Like a Chieff
Photo Credit: Ink For Miles

One of the best places to visit in April is Seoul, South Korea. By this time winter is beating a hasty retreat as spring chases it away. Temperatures fluctuate from the low 60s to the mid-70s (15-23C) during the day, so all you need is a light jacket while you stroll among the cherry blossom trees.

The springtime cherry blossoms are not to be missed. They are a beautiful natural gift sprouting in a concrete jungle and people come from all over Seoul and South Korea to see their beauty in person. The Yeongdeungpo Yeouido Spring Flower Festival and the Seokchonhosu Lake Cherry Blossom Festival are two opportunities you’ll have to join them.

Both festivals take place early- to mid-April. The Yeongdeungpo Yeouido Festival is held along Yeouiseo Street which is the most famous cherry blossom street in Seoul. While the Seokchonhosu Lake Cherry Blossom Festival is held near Lotte World, Korea’s largest theme park.

Visitors to one or both of these festivals will have the chance to wander among the falling cherry blossom petals, take incredible photographs and munch on cotton candy and other snacks being sold by street vendors. Afterward, you can wrap up your day laughing over some Korean BBQ, the perfect way to beat any lingering chill.

Seoul is a must-visit destination all-year round, but during April the flowering cherry blossoms give it a special something. Don’t take my word for it though, come and join the festivities for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.


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Best Places to Visit in April Thingyan Festival Yangon
Photo Credit: Live Less Ordinary

April follows the end of winter in these parts of Southeast Asia, and in Myanmar, the temperatures will be in the highest of the year (30-40’c). It is also the most popular month of the year for tourism, so it’s best to book in advance, as this is the month when Myanmar welcomes in their New Year. Starting on the 13th of April. And this is celebrated by the Thingyan Water Festival, an event that coincides with various New Year’s in Southeast Asia, such as Laos, Cambodia, but the most obvious is Thailand, where the famous Songkran water celebrations bring in the same New Year.

However, celebrations are slightly different in Myanmar, and the significance of the Thingyan celebration is magnified by the local social/political climate, as parties don’t really exist otherwise, and groups are typically discouraged and oppressed. But during the 3-day celebration of the New Year (between the 13th and 16th of April) the streets are chaotic, with huge crowds, loud music, and water being flung in all directions.

The best destination for the celebrations would likely be central Yangon, although smaller and more intimate happenings will be found throughout the entire country if quieter times are preferred. Otherwise, travel and tourism are not so different from most months of the year, other than being busier. And I will forever recommend a visit to Bagan, along with a stop at Inle Lake just to get out and explore this lesser-known country. Myanmar is fascinating year-round. Read more about visiting Yangon for Thingyan Festival in April…


Best Places to Visit in April – Middle East

Tehran Iran Best Places to Visit in April Travel Like a Chieff Travel Blog
Photo Credit: Chasing the Unexpected

The best time to visit Iran is spring, and its exciting capital Tehran is no exception. I suggest you arrive after April 2nd because this is the last day of Nowruz, Persian New Year, and life is back to normal after two weeks of holidays. Spring weather in Tehran is fantastic, the cold of the winter is gone but the Alborz Mountains, the frame of the city, are still snow-capped. This is the perfect time to enjoy the city life, walk around the alleys of its Grand Bazaar, enjoy the restaurants and cafes along the scenic Nature Bridge (Pol-e Tabiat), and engage in one of Iranians' favourite activities: picnicking.

When Spring starts in Tehran, you will see a burst of colours in women's clothes and flowers blossoming all around the city. This can be seen in its urban gardens such as Mellat Park in Valiasr Street and the lovely Artists' Garden where there is also a gallery that hosts temporary exhibitions of Iranian contemporary artists. Some of the green spaces and attractions you shouldn't miss with Spring weather are the Niavaran Complex and Saadabad. They include beautiful parks and the residences of the Pahlavi, former royal family.

The gentle breeze makes walking around more pleasant despite the traffic and with such beautiful weather you can join Iranians in their love for the outdoors. Take a hike at Darband, a short taxi ride from Tajrish metro station. Here you can enjoy trekking with a beautiful view of the city and the mountains, stopping for lunch at one of the local restaurants and sipping an Iranian black tea. A fantastic place both by day and by night. Read more about visiting Iran in April…

Best Places to Visit in April – United States

Louisiana New Orleans Travel Like a Chieff Best Places to Visit in April
Photo Credit: From East to West With RMS

New Orleans, Louisiana is my absolute favourite place to be in April. I lived there for four years and always looked forward to this specific month. April, in New Orleans, is known as the start to their "Festival Season," where they literally have a different type of festival every weekend. Festival season is absolute heaven for foodies, music lovers and culture buffs combined.

The weather in April is also consistently fantastic and warm, and everyone is always in a good mood. Some of my favourite festivals to attend during this time are French Quarter Festival, Crawfest, Wednesdays at the Square and, of course, Jazz Fest.

French Quarter Festival is usually the kick-off of the festival season in NOLA! It celebrates the French Quarter (obviously) and features 20+ music stages and 50+ food/drink vendors situated around Jackson Square. It lasts for a whole weekend and is not to be missed!

Wednesdays At The Square is a weekly festival Wednesday evenings in Lafayette Square. Each week features a different local band, from jazz to funk to rock, and it is a great post-work activity outside with a bar.

Crawfest is a student-run festival located on Tulane University's campus, which features, of course, all the Crawfish you could imagine! Besides the crawfish buckets, there are plenty of food trucks and vendors around the two quads it surrounds, and two stages are playing local and national bands for the entire day. If you like crawfish, you should come for Crawfest.

Jazz Fest is the most famous festival and is well-known internationally. Each year, spreading across the last weekend in April and the first in May, the Fairgrounds in New Orleans has all of the different types of music genres, foods and drinks you can imagine. Whether you want to listen to local jazz bands or singers like Ne-Yo, Bruce Springsteen, Fleetwood Mac, Lauryn Hill and more.... you won't be disappointed. Each year the lineup gets better and better, and this is definitely an event to add to your life bucket list. Read more about New Orleans, one of the best places to visit in April…


Manhattan New York Travel Like A Chieff Best Places to visit in April
Photo Credit: Travel Like a Chieff

New York City, New York By Pamela From Travel Like a Chieff

New York is one of the best places to visit in April not only because of the weather but also the festivals happening around the city. You can check out the annual Cherry Blossom Festival that takes place at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and see over 220 cherry blossom trees in full bloom. The Tribeca Film Festival also takes place in April so don’t miss the glamorous red-carpet events and galas.

The New York City food scene is incredible all year round so be sure to make reservations in advance if you are interested in the many fine dining options available. For a more cultural experience, you can visit the many exhibits at the Museum of Modern Arts in Midtown. Take in a Broadway show after an afternoon of shopping in Soho, at Bergdorf Goodman or visit the many boutiques that line 5th Avenue where you’ll also find Saks 5th Avenue.

Take a stroll in Central Park, check out the Highline, take in the amazing views from the Empire State Building and honour the victims of 9/11 at the National September 11 Memorial & Museum. As you can see, there are many things to do in NYC and April is the perfect time to visit!

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Travel Like a Chieff Amsterdam Best Places to Visit in April
Seoul South Korea Best Places to Visit in April Travel Like a Chieff
Gaudi Travel Like a Chieff Barcelona Best Places to Visit in April

What are some of the best places to visit in April that weren’t mentioned in this post? Would love to hear all about in in the comments below!

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